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What is Voice of the Customer (VoC)?

Voice of the Customer refers to the way an organization collects customer feedback, analyzes the data, distributes it to the right people and takes action on these insights in order to generate financial benefits. Voice of the Customer programs aim to gather and analyze customer insights, and enable you to take action in order to improve customer experience (CX) and deliver positive business outcomes to your organization.

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The Basics:


  1. 1. VoC Metrics
  2. 2. Breaking Down Feedback Silos
  3. 3. What is NPS?
  4. 4. 7 Secrets of VoC success


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Featured Stories

Notable companies providing expert advice on their voice of the customer programs

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“The success of our VoC program has relied on what we believe to be a unique combination: executive management sponsorship, listening and action; transparency and access across divisions; a closer link between performance and pay; ongoing investment in the expertise of Confirmit; and our unwavering commitment to our founding principle of service, which has a natural alignment with the customer.”

Barbara Lincoln

Director Customer Integration & Satisfaction

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“Our program has created a culture where delivery of personalized and memorable experiences is the norm, where customers are surprised and delighted at every interaction to not only meet customer satisfaction, but exceed customer expectations, thereby creating loyalty and advocacy.”

Bayley Clark

Senior Director, Customer Delivery

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“Service is our key performance indicator, and we never stop setting stretch goals in order to improve our service levels year over year.”

Karla Turzinski

Vice President, Operations – Call Centers